Something As Stellar

It's nice to know you can always count on somethings isn't it. And Bolaget is one of them. I've been popping in there for ages now, but have not been recently, so thought I'd duck in and see what real estate gems there are on the other side of the globe. And cop this, as always, there's something as stellar as this beautiful apartment.

My real estate hunting closer to home never involved this kind of luck! The finishes in this home are just beautiful, and really stand up to the architectural details that the place is blessed with. I mean how about that furnace, the floors and the amazing detail on the ceilings.

But I think my two fave details are the hallway, where timber meets black meets white happens, and a little take home idea - the clusters of inexpensive clamp-on task lamps in the sitting room and study. Multiples turns them into something entirely different.

Images from bolaget


A-M said...

Finding it hard to breathe..... those floors and ceilings....divine. A-M xx

redbrickbuilding said...

Oh those windows and French doors, especially in the last photo. Wonderful scale!

Angela said...

Rich and totally stunning... what an incredible interior!

Angela x

Blue Fruit said...

Well whomever lives there obviously has a fine old eye for vignettes, colour balance and scaled proportions. A dress designer, perhaps, or a boutique owner, maybe, judging by the fab collection of shoes + clothes.

A gorgeous little spot.

Pinecone Camp said...

I absolutely love that dining room! The mix of chairs is just perfect. I shot a home today, that reminds me of that top pic. Pretty fabulous. Great post!

David Toms said...

Saw lots of those fabulous stoves in Scandinavia and some brilliant examples in blue and white tiles in St. Petersburg. Fell in love with them

Anne-Marie @ 10 Rooms said...

yes, the black and white SO bring out the richness of that wood - why don't I ever end up with floors like that? I hope we get to see the lamps in action at your place - x

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