Perfectly Lovely

You know this is about the polished concrete right, so I won't bore you with the usual diatribe I bang on with on that subject.

But on a different note, the scale is perfectly lovely, and the suspended swimming pool is nothing to sneeze at either.

Images from gaile guevara


Amanda said...

Oh yes Jules - but it is really all about that lovely polished concrete. So very nice! Could happily endure that kitchen too.

Meta Musings said...

I perfectly agree! :)

Blue Fruit said...

What suspended swimming pool? Is that what looks like a skylight in the living room? Amazing!

Shannon said...

OMGosh those floors!

hotelsdesignmonde said...

I love this interior...!
Have a look on my blog, maybe you'll find some inspiring ideas, too...:-)
Greetings from Paris!

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