The Quorum

Been staring at this one for a day or three. The lights are doing it for me.

I've always been a bit fond of the panton Globe light, it kind of looks like something you'd expect to see in an evil scientist's lab, with electricity arcing off of it.

But the bedside light has me confused now. The house I've just bought thankfully has wall mounted bedside lights already hard wired in place. I say thankfully, because it actually isn't that common in Oz and getting them installed can be a bit of a pain. The current ones though are very yellow gold tone swing arm numbers. Suffice to say, not my thing. My current thought is a pair of these babies, but I'm still on the look out.

Oh and I love the quorum of bookshelves, they look like they're up to something.

Images from From The Desk of Lola


Claudia Lane said...

beautiful inspiration...love the bookshelves too... and the modern blue chairs look amazing next to the harp (who would have thought...)
Claudia xo

Amanda Hill said...

Great inspirations...I adore that Harp!

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