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I know this should really be all about the formed concrete and vintage timbers, but its not. It's about the leather butterfly chair. Seriously enamoured with the idea of getting my hands on one.

Any Aussies know of a secret stash?! Or anyone anywhere for that matter, freight shouldn't be a killer, they're light and they fold. Come to think of it, I think I know a local source for the frame, just need the leather sling.

Images from nuevo estilo


brismod said...

How funny! The leather butterfly chair was what caught my eye too. xx

captain kk said...

try these peeps: http://www.circa50.com/butterflychairs.html
i'm pretty sure they do both canvas and leather.
x captn

p.s. when you gonna wow us with your new house pics?? x

Amanda Gatward said...

Hi Julie
I have enjoyed your blog for a while now. I found these a while back,just waiting to get one myself!
Thanks Amanda

Ana Degenaar said...

I adore this!

Laura Gaskill said...

Hello! Just popped by for the first time today (found you through sweet Melis) and I am really enjoying it here, I'll definitely be back to visit again. Happy weekend! xo Laura

Gabrielle said...


I hope this giant link works... Anyway, Urban Outfitters ship small items worldwide and it looks like the butterfly chair fits the bill!

I think you convinced me to get one as well! Good luck!

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