A Good Dose

I'm trying to remind myself often {before moving into my new home}, that white paint never goes astray. Especially when mixed with a good dose of timber. And this place is a brilliant reminder.

You see, I've never done white. Ever. And I'm seriously thinking that it is the way to go with the new place.

The other detail I'm saving for later is the black grout and white tiles. That's really growing on me. Seems like a perfect remedy for those of us who do not like to linger in the bathroom with a can of ajax and a scrubbing brush!

Images from bolig


La Feem said...

I totally love white, its so fresh...just make sure your boys keep their hands to themselves!! xo

Jane @ the girl in the brick house said...

I with you on the tiles although can't bring myself to do it!

melissa loves said...

Ack, those floors are gorgeous. I am with you, mate. The white never goes wrong theory is a good one....:)
I am so excited for you & your new home!

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