Filed. Sorted. Done.

Do you have names filed away in your brain for that when-I-make-it-big-and-have-a-killer-house-to-decorate moment? I have to admit, I do.

And Kate Hume is one of them. I seriously love her aesthetic, which seems to me to be a counterpoint of masculine cool and luxury. It's clean, edited, lots of timber and dark tones.

Filed. Sorted. Done.

All images from kate hume projects


Kerri said...

You do find some crackers Jules, and this one's a stunner. So I'm thinking I should add some other bugs to painting repertoire? And magnify them too.....ooh, now there's an idea. K xx

shareguay.com said...

Yo encontre un monton de decoraciones en esta pagina:
www.sahreguay.com, pero este blog me encanta!

Anne-Marie @ 10 Rooms said...

it's all about form, isn't it? So sculptural...really cool...

Bromeliad said...

Love the huge bug art.

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