Never Out

Texture is never out of place is it. No matter what style of home. In this modern stylish concrete laden home, the texture really brings the place to life.

The raffia mat used as a wall hanging, the Moroccan blanket and the shaggy sofa throw really soften and round out the edges nicely. Even the Turkish bath towel in the modern bathroom gives the room a whole different look.

Images from klikk


mise said...

This is a beautifully restrained use of textiles, and the mat on the wall is particularly lovely. It has me scouring my floors for things I can hang. The spiral really draws the eye. I wonder whether they have darts?

Anne-Marie @ 10 Rooms said...

I want one of those moroccan blankets... have to figure out a diy version! Light woods are looking fresh, aren't they?

Ana Degenaar said...

I love the style, the textiles, the lights, the everything!

PS: Don't Forget this giveaway ends tomorrow!

Lea said...

Where is this? I am moving in!


Design Elements said...

the bedroom is a dream!

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