Push Your Way

I've had dreams of building a big black chic shed for a holiday home for years now. Not sure if it will ever come to fruition, but if it does it is sure to have three things: mega insulation {we're talking Australia after all}, concrete floors and - thanks to this cool pad - fly screen curtains outside the large bi fold or sliding doors.

Totally love that concept. They're soft, floaty and unobtrusive and if the kids or the dog decide to run straight through them, that's totally fine. Nothing broken and no wrangling one of those nasty fly wire rollers {and splicing your finger} to fix it. They can't be slammed, you can push your way through them without spilling a tray of drinks, and I imagine they're pretty easy to take down and pack away at the end of summer, so you can enjoy winter views through unobstructed glass. Genius.

{post edit: thanks to all who left comments on this one, and who Blogger sadly took away!!}

Images from design boom


David Toms said...

This is something I miss living in Canada, the fabulous Aussie architecture!

Blue Fruit said...

Practical, but fun too.

Pinecone Camp said...

Australia does have some pretty incredible architecture - I'm with David! This place looks incredible.

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