Did You Spot These...

...Killer DIY ideas that were featured over at AT?

Love the cross stitch mural, can just imagine something like this in a little girl's room, or even a more rural scene for a living space.

And what do you do if you love Woods Wallpaper, but don't want to part with the dosh to get it? Yes, as all smart {{and clearly brilliantly artistic}} people do, you turn to your trusty sharpie.

Brilliant ideas - maybe a little something inspiring for a weekend project?

Images via apartment therapy, originally from bloesem and my pencil box


mise said...

It makes me yearn for the day when I finish the Cleaning and can launch myself into this sort of lovely Finer Detail.

Anne-Marie @ 10 Rooms said...

if I could draw trees like that I would create my own wallpaper in every room! Those are fantastic... cool cross stitch - never thought I'd be saying that!

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