This place has really distracted me this week. To the point that I still posted it, even with people in the shot. Do you have weird things like that if you're a blogger?

For some reason I don't like my interiors and architecture cluttered with humans. Strange, I know, but there you have it.

But this place, I just had to show you. People and all. As the mother of two increasingly bigger and louder boys, I instantly had home envy. This place would be brilliant. To top that off, loads of concrete and vintage timber. My kind of phwoar.

That concrete barrel vault ceiling stole the show. If only it was a common occurrence here in Oz. My real estate idyll would be found.

Images from milk


Brandi {not your average ordinary} said...

What is this place? Is it magic? It's so much like a dream, I can't get over it. I can see why you've been so distracted by it lately. I mean, that first picture alone!

LINDA from OEKE said...

With a heading such as 'PHWOAR' how could I not comment. I like & agree with your 'growing boys' comment and how this place is a dream for such a family life. But, I would have to say I love the previous home better .. 'one' WOULD need such chairs in 'one's' home (-:

Splenderosa said...

Yes, ohhhhhhh my, that 1st image !
The curve of the ceiling with the steel beams outside the window following the curve is awesome. But, I love BIG rooms, with great HIGH ceilings. Total homerun.
xx's Marsha

Mlle Paradis said...

Congrats Jules! On the bentwood settee! Wow! Great score. I wanted one from a neighborhood shop at Xmas time but hubby vetoed it. Goes to show you what he knows, huh? Not much!

Loved Anna Noguera's house too.


Looking Glass said...

Hahaha! Phwoar is right! Wow!

~ Clare x

Bree Oliver said...

I use to have the same phobia about people in interior shots. After seeing some recent well executed ones I am coming around.

eternalicons said...

you got me at the title! always enjoy your selections and ramblings.;-0 KL

Blue Fruit said...

Wow, Jules, I couldn't disagree more about people in interiors shots. I LOVE to see people in them ~ not contrived positions, but kinda blurred shots of them just doing stuff, living I guess... not smiling at the camera because of course we don't go around our houses just smiling for no reason at an imaginary camera. {Or maybe that is just me???}

BUT, I do agree with your enchantment and besotment of this home. It is warm, rustic and just generally fabulous all round.

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