I Imagine

You know, I imagine one actually does need two fabulous black leather chaises to sit back, relax, unwind and admire one's monster mid-century collection.

I can only imagine.

Images from nuevo estilo


captain kk said...

tots dear jules, tots! seriously though, we sometimes split our modular sofa up & turn both halves longways (is that a word?) & up position them next to each other so we can watch a movie together with no fighting over who gets the long chair & you would be surprised how good it is. you know, thanks for reminding me about this. we haven't moved it around (or watched a movie) in a long time. might just have to make it happen this weekend. x captn
p.s. how is the house hunting / selling/ wedgey going?!

brismod said...

Ha! West German Pottery view. I'm sure I could imagine it too! xx

David Toms said...

Light fitting in first photo is stunning! I want

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