I Kind Of Wonder

We all need a little white grand piano action from time to time don't you think? OK, well I do.

The thing I really honed in on with this place is the kitchen. In my real estate wranglings of late, the idea of buying land and building has come up. And to be honest it kind of freaks me out a little.

Looking at display homes around the place I kind of wonder, could you make something like this truly personal? And I'm thinking you can, depending on how you spec the place out.

The kitchen in this home is pretty perfect I think, and in my imaginings would make a great addition for a spec build. Would just have to put up with the builders shaking their heads and repeatedly saying, are you SURE this is how you want it?

Oh and another "try this at home'' project alert - that big tiled plank of a coffee table is pretty sweet hey? I'm thinking it's a big old door with a rebated frame, just deep enough to take a skin of mdf and tiles. I'm thinking...

Images from bolig


mise said...

Would you make one of those fine coffee tables for me too? I'd ask for a white piano as well but that might be presumptuous until we know one another better.

Looking Glass said...

I love all white & that white grand piano looks magnificent! I agree, great kitchen!

~ Clare x

David Toms said...

I love how they have tied each room together with the splashes of red!

A Color Specialist in Charlotte said...

Pretty blog - saying "hello" from a Color Specialist in Charlotte, NC.

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