Old Faithful

One great thing about taking a break is coming back for a look at what's new at some old faithful sites. Case in point, Shoot Factory. I have killed a good long while over there catching up on some new features.

I really loved the use of old architectural pieces in this London home. I may usually lean toward a more modern/boho/industrial/concrete type look usually, but I still have a little place in me that melts at grey/french country.

Images from shoot factory


Peace Love & All Things Creative said...


David Toms said...

Love the distressed wood features here along with hose comfortable looking sofas!

Mlle Paradis said...

all i can say is that i would kill for that "petite cloche" collection in that last picture!

and yes, french greige is the ONLY greige that i could ever do.

Sarah Kate said...


Love that grey lamp! So tall and lovely!
I am just such a fan of grey :)

I have heaps on my blog...maybe too much!

mise said...

That big lamp is scary! But the rest of it is beautiful - I always fall for furniture on legs, and the whole look is very unified and pretty without being at all showy.

Ali said...

Love the old doors, stunning!

Looking Glass said...

This is a dreeeeam home!

~ Clare x

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