Looks Good On

Couldn't resist one more slice of deliciousness from Shoot Factory.

Clotted creams, white and aged timber. It really looks good on this old girl. Gorgeous textiles plus vintage art thrown into the mix also just clinch the deal.

Images from shoot factory.


mise said...

I sometimes wish I had a coherently faultless colour-scheme such as this. What do these people do with the pink and blue wedding gifts people give them?

Diana Mieczan said...

Beautiful place..I really adore that stunning fireplace...Its so grand!
Kisses and hugs, my lovely

Kendall said...

People who have all white homes walk a thin line. The ones who do it successfully are surrounded by chic style, but the ones who don't just look like they never got around to painting... :)

Amy R. said...

Simply beautiful.

Amy R.

Pinecone Camp said...

I would like to move in today! What a beautiful home.

quintessence said...

Beautiful space - love the open kitchen and rustic fireplaces!

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