Life is fragile but the determination of a mother is unstoppable.

I've really felt for dear friends this year that have been through tough times, like the amazing Shelley and A-M, and the devastating loss of people taken far too soon like Marija and Lisa.

Today whilst tip toeing back into blog land for a peek, I've been shocked to hear the news of Jane's battle. I've always admired Jane's wonderful style and sensibilities about life, decor, art and the world in general. This lady is one chic powerhouse, let me tell you. And so today, hearing that she has a tough road ahead, I'm reminded how fragile things are in this world and how lucky we are to have an amazing connection with so many.

Please send all the amazing powerful shiny love filled thoughts you can to Jane, and once a night, look up, find the moon, and visualise this tough struggle getting shorter and shorter, step by step. I believe this stuff can work, I wouldn't be asking if I didn't. Hopefully you believe too.

Please head here to read more about Martha's lovely idea.

Keep strong Jane, and look up. You'll see us urging you on.


Julienne said...

I'm moon watching!

Dustjacket Attic said...

I'm with you on this Jules, a tough year indeed for some of our dear blog pals.


re comment,
Thank you so much for your friendship and support, cheers to you on Chrissy day sweets, and I do hope everything sorts it's self out. Talk soon,

much love DJ

Le garçon avec les lunettes, said...

So adorable immage!!!

24 Corners said...

I've had her on my heart since the moment I read her post...praying constantly.

Very touching Jules...
xo J~

The Zhush said...

Hi Jules, I think of Marija often despite never having met her in person, and through that experience am reminded constantly of the fragility of life. New to Jane's blog, but having just clicked over I am amazed not only by her courage, but her lovely way with words. She seems like one cool lady. My thoughts will be with her as well.

La Boheme said...

Reminders like yours today are a necessity to realize the fleeing of life...we are so lucky to have amazing community of bloggers to stick together when life prepares unexpected obstacle for us. New to Jane's blog but am heading over for more. Much love to you Jules.

mise said...

Well said, Jules. 'Sensibilities' is the perfect word for Jane, and we miss her and think of her throughout this connecting frame of blogs.

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