Thank goodness, for goodness like this. Makes all my crazy-making real estate issues seem worthwhile!

How insanely good is the light in this home?

And in light of the still crazy state, and the fact I'm about to jump a plane to an island and then a plane back, and then a week down south at the beach.....the 'summer series' of Diversions is likely to be the status quo for a while longer. But I'll be back. Promise.

I have to pop my head in the door again soon. The Diversion Project is soon to turn 1!!

p.s. still looking at the moon? me too.

Images from mi casa


Kerry said...

Hello bloss...was just thinking about you and wondering how everything was going. Glad to hear that you're getting some holiday down time. Have fun and stay safe and we'll look forward to lots more when all the dust settles :) Have a wonderful break xx

Diana Mieczan said...

Totally agree, this place is amazing and I love that red sofa so much:) have fun,sweetie and wish you a Merry Christmas:)
Love, Di

David Toms said...

Jules, we are missing you! Love this place and the tulip chairs especially! Have a wonderful Christmas!

A Room For Everyone said...

Merry Christmas Jules..thanks for all your fantastic comments this year..see you in the next one..Love Rachaelxx

christine {bijouandboheme} said...

Very pretty- love the hits of pink and red. Have a great holiday Jules! xo

Alcira Molina-Ali said...

Oh my God that bedroom -- stunning simplicity.
Have a wonderful trip, happy holidays and new year's wishes.
Congrats on almost hitting the first year mark ;)


Amanda said...

Goodness is as goodness does. Merry merry Christmas Jules. Enjoy that warm sunny break on the beach, and I will look forward to more goodness and inspiration from your ever so good self in the New Year. Amanda xx

Bromeliad said...

Love the sunshiny-ness of this home.

Designwali said...

that red chesterfield is simply stunning!

la la Lovely said...

This is beyond great goodness... love every bit of it!
Congrats on turning 1!!!! And a very Happy New Year!

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