Soft Muted

Could this place look any more idyllic? Fresh country air, rustic floors, stone basins and soft muted colours galore.

Mix in a flowery squishy sofa, a lovely hat and roses around the door, and I'm on board.

Images from at casa


Toves Sammensurium said...

Can I join you please?????

Looking Glass said...

Oh that kitchen!

~ Clare x

David Toms said...

That last photo got me. I love the rustic simplicity!

Brandi said...

That last scene just sweeps me off my feet. That's exactly what I want some day. Okay, a few more bookcases and more books, but otherwise exactly.

Anne-Marie @ 10 Rooms said...

The sink! This home has such an authentic vibe.. love it!

Eleni said...

I lovew this style! Particularly this kitchen and the stucco on the walls! *sigh

Splenderosa said...

Wonderful. Can I come too?

Emma at The Marion House Book said...

Great place - I love the kitchen.

BTW - Just saw your photo posted over at Desire to Inspire. Too funny, the dining room above with the black eames chairs is MY dining room (as posted over at Splendid Willow) There we are again - side by side!

I also considered the Tolix chairs but in the end thought they might be a bit uncomfortable for long dinner parties!

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