Kitchen Envy

I'm not often seen in the kitchen. I like cooking, but only really want to try new things when I have plenty of time and no interruptions - so, obviously, I typically don't try new things that often! So when I look through a home, the kitchen is something that I don't usually swoon over. Until this one.

Although it's not a terribly depictive image, it was enough to give me a case of serious kitchen envy.

Which room do you always notice first when you see a home?

Images by chris tubbs


Amy R. said...

I agree the kitchen is simply appetizing all by itself. Beautiful pics.

Amy R.

La Feem said...

Love the kitchen but in love with the bedroom! I need a chandelier in my life so bad. xo

Melissa de la Fuente said...

kitchen envy, bedroom envy, living room envy...everything envy! :) beautiful....

Lisa said...

Oh yeah! The kitchen is lovely but the bedroom is just divine.

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