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Man, am I glad it's the weekend. Apologies to all my ever so cool mates that I haven't been visiting much of late. I've had the worst flu known to man (well in my little mind it is!), and it's still with me. Nearly four days off work last week hasn't done a lot to help unfortunately. I hope to be back on the rounds and checking out all the cool things you've found very soon, till then, thank you all for dropping in and do have a brilliant weekend.

Special thanks this week to these fabulous peeps.....

Roséline @ {this is glamorous}

and the precious A-M @ The House That A-M Built.
A-M is going through a pretty rough spot right now, if you have a wonderful inspiring quote, song, poem - please do go and share it with her.

Images by anna wolf


Kerry said...

I hope you can shake this horrible flu soon bloss...just rest up and look after yourself :) xx

Amy R. said...

Sorry you are under the weather. Feel well soon:)

What happened to A-M? I used to chat with her a bit last year while planning my kitchen. She is a lovely and nice person.

Amy R.

Jane Flanagan said...

Thank you too! Have a great weekend!

Dustjacket Attic said...

Awh that's no good honey, get well wishes from me.

I've had so much on, and it's not going to stop anytime soon either...so have not got to visit my bloggie friends much either :(

take care,
xoxoxo DJ

Casa Bella said...

Oh, darling! Hope you feel better soon. The flu is no fun at all. Sending wishes of health your way :-)

The Zhush said...

That sounds rough...hope you are feeling like yourself again by the time you read this comment! :)

heather jenkinson said...

Now that is charming, thank you! I hope you feel better, soon - what a bore it is to be ill, especially when you have so much to do. And yet, you've be posting the most wonderful things... You're amazing. x

Bromeliad said...

No fun! Sorry to hear you've been sick.

La Feem said...

Cute outfits!! I hope your feeling better Jules, poor girl! xx

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