Ingenuity Plus

These lovely pieces are really ticking a lot of boxes for me. They're relaxed, casual, beautifully detailed, and to top it off, they're recycled from mens business shirts. Ingenuity plus.

We tend to love good vintage clothes, us ladies, but the men and business shirts?? Not so much. So here is a v.stylish way to get another life out of them. I really love the way the one above has the cuffs as little shoulder detail. Man, they're just cool. Nuff said.

Go check them out at Ma chemise d homme


The Rural Socialite said...

How cool! I'd heard about this line of tops before, I think, but I've never seen these photos.

Diana Mieczan said...

Love the details...Such a pretty pieces...I would so wear them all:)


David Toms said...

The blue is fabulous!

mise said...

These look great, especially the one with the ruffled hem, and I'd never have guessed they used to be men's shirts. I have to go straight away to eye the clothes-racks upstairs.

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