Ever So Slightly

I love the warmth of the leather accents through this home. The dining chairs, the white eames with its v.cool leather cushion, but most of all the vintage leather mats that are being ever so cleverly used as a head board.

Against the crisp grey and black of the bedroom, these mats give a huge dose of character. I'm ever so slightly obsessed with them.

Images from ashe and leandro.


A-M said...

Oh I so love leather! A-M xx

A Perfect Gray said...

totally cool...where do you think those leather mats originated?

Melissa de la Fuente said...

Wow....so handsome and sexy...That headboard is such a great idea. I am curious where they originated from too...Hmm. Thanks for your sweet, sweet note mate. I adore your comments, they make my day. And how much do I wish you could come for a sleep over? MUCH! :)

Kerry said...

oh the stories those tumbling? mats could tell!

Robe said...

I think I'd want to get up in the middle of the night and go a couple of rounds with the headboard.
Love this place - where is it?

jules @ The Diversion Project said...

Robe - hi, and this place is in NYC.

and yep i think thy're old gym mats. cool eh?!

Brandi said...

The vintage leather mats as the headboard are really interesting. I wonder where they found them and where they came from. It's so different.

Jeanne said...

What a great idea Jules..I think we all agree the leather mats are a wonderful addition to the room. Now if I could just find a bit leather handbag with the same warm lustre I would be in heaven!!

Jeanne :)

Kelle Dame said...

The exact shades of leather I am looking for to warm up my home! I would love a pair of boots in the same leather as those mats too! Those mats as a headboard is the most clever thing I've seen all day.

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