Hope the weekend has brought a bit of down time to you all, a bit of time to catch up with your mates and hang loose.

I have some ladies to send a big wow-man-thanks out to, and what a cool posse of chicks they are ~

A huge thanks to Megan @ Beach Bungalow 8 for mentioning The Diversion Project, along with Absolutely Beautiful Things, as her current design blog faves in a great interview over at the fabulous Nest.

A shocked gush of thanks to Lou @ Vintage Lou Lou for running a great give away that I actually won (v.cool bag!! yay)

A blushing thanks to the awesome Kerry @ A Tranquil Townhouse for giving me a Hat Trick in her Top 10 Pictures From The Week!! Must admit it is the first hat trick I've ever pulled off and so I'm a bit nerdishly thrilled : )

And big thanks to Sal @ once.daily.chic for a sweet mention and reminding me that weekend's are better spent with power ballads!

Rock On xx
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Bumpkin on a Swing said...

You deserve every second of it Jules, we love you, and TDP is an awesome little corner of the blog world to hang out in.
I want to add button on my sidebar adding you a list to of my favorites.
Do you have the picture on your sidebar of the airstream, it says cool stuff?
I want to use that one for your button, can you send it to me, or something horizontal that speaks of you?

Kerry said...

awww, you are so kind. You know I was just driving home from Spotlight where I have been buying some stuff to retry the whole crochet thing (it appears to be cool again!) and I was thinking about the top ten and how easy it is to compile thanks to wonderfully stylish bloggers like you, although I am thinking I might have to rename it the diversion project top ten! Hope you're doing some lovely relaxing x

Kerry said...

Plus...I should have said well done to you for all the lovely mentions..not that it surprises me. I knew when you were the second blog I ever found how great it was. What I didn't know then, but I do now..is what a lovely person you are as well...and that matters!!

Dustjacket Attic said...

Way to go babe...;)


Congrats darling!!! xoxo

mise said...

Good for you! Do we get to see you perched on the edge of a divine armchair holding the v cool bag?

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