Cool Hand Glamour

You know me, I love a bit of glamour, I do.

I'm frequently more drawn to cool though, probably because with a full time job and two part-feral boys, cool is easier to do on a daily basis than glamour.

{Editor's note: Ms Diversion Project is not propounding to be actually capable of effectuating either state of being on a daily basis}

However, I was thrilled to see this example that proves the two need not be mutually exclusive. Sure, it's styled and shiny - you would be too if someone was taking your glossy photo - but it has little cool touches that make me think, 'you know what, you're ok'.

I mean, who could say no to an artwork, in a seemingly serious setting, that plays homage to a power ballad?! I know I can't.

If it tickles your fancy, take a look at the rest of Matthew Heller's range hereYou see, I also have a penchant for a power ballad or two - isn't that right L? {has your throat ever recovered from that last road trip petal?}

All images from here.


Kellie Collis said...

That first picture is elegant and so beautiful. xx

Razmataz said...

Love that piece with the writing!

Brabourne Farm said...

You're right - you can never have too much glamour (even if there are boys in the house)! Leigh

compulsively compiled said...

Oh, my gosh, Jules! I need that bee print.

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