Weekend Project

Now this is a v.cool little Ikea hack, with nary an allen key in sight. Go take a look see here at Design*Sponge. I'd love to see some chunky castors under there.

Cheap but fab. Three words strung together that is music to everyone's ears.

{{edit: someone waaaaay clever-er than me did this!! I'm just spreading the genius of it : ) }}

Images from here


sharon said...

Extremely cool project, especially with the customised lining to match your chairs.

heather jenkinson said...

Now that is really clever! And the wallpapered interiors... *makes notes in personal diary of life enhancing ideas*

Jane (aka the girl in the brick house) said...

That is one of the most impressive makeovers I've seen - I'm envious not only at the outcome but your ability to do it!

shari @ little blue deer said...

Love that! I am loving wallpapered closets, drawers, bookshelves, coffee tables, etc., adds such a great extra pop!

annechovie said...

Very cool, Jules! Sometimes nothings better that something IKEA thats been personalized with your own touch! Have a great wknd. xo

Diana Mieczan said...

That is such a great project! I love it!!!!!
Thank you so much for sharing my lovely:)
Kisses and have a wonderful Saturday!


That is SO clever. I especially love the wallpaper inside.

S and O said...

Haha that is so cute!


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