Pull Up Some Colour

I was this >< close to ordering some natural steel Tolix chairs the other day. I hit 'Order Now', and then it came up that they are currently out of stock! Urrghh. Ever since then though my eye keeps getting grabbed by the most amazing colourful dining chairs.

These few particularly caught my eye. I mean turquoise, who can say no to that. And then a velvet arm chair as a dining chair, oh if only I could make the kids eat somewhere else {love you boys ~ truly I do!}. And then the other ubiquitous French cafe chair option, in yellow and white. Just plain fabulous.

Oh decisions, decisions. What would you do?

Images from here


Kerry said...

I'm having exactly the same dilemma! Too many wonders to choose from..too much indecision..not enough cash!! Can you choose for me too??

chair up said...

It's so hard to have a stylish home when there's beetroot and spaghetti sauce to take into account. I have just recovered a set of dining chairs in a pale grey vinyl, painted the backs white and edged the seat with silver studs and I'm happy to say I am delighted with them. Hopefully they will go the distance ie. kids have all left home and I can replace them with those velvet armchairs!

Tina said...

Argh, can't believe the Tolix chairs were out of stock!! Have fun with all of those choices Jules. Hope you have a fabulous Saturday ~ Tina x

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