Once Upon A Time...

...There was a little Etsy store called Isabella's Art. In that store they sold awfully clever things, that were made by an awfully clever artist.

One day a fairy princess called jules {work with me} happened upon this magical place, and behold, she was amazed. Such treasures and delights she found!

The fairy princess knew in her heart of heart's what she had to do. Straight away she jumped onto a new Window into a world of make believe and wonder called Blogland to tell everyone throughout the village, near and far, what marvelous treasure she had found.

{{OK, i'm puffed, you get the picture. Run over the hills and far away to here. These shadow puppets are seriously good stuff.}}

And we all lived Happily Ever After. The End.

Images from here


The Zhush said...

You are so right! These are gorgeous!

Kerri said...

Mmm, these are yummy! Now, where could I put them...? K xx

iamchasingthirty said...

Oh my. They would make awesome cake toppers!!

DJ said...

Hey I'm workin' with you...I think they are magical!

re comment....gee now you're talkin' girl, come to think of it I do need this and that and ... :)

Have a great day...daydreaming,
xxxoo DJ

Melissa de la Fuente said...

Oh....these are so very sweet! I love them...how perfect! Thanks Jules, or should I say "your majesty" :)

Amy E. Strodl said...

Those are special aren't they?!

The Rural Socialite said...

Jules, what a doll you are to comment over at Rural Socialite. :o) I can't believe you Aussies say "gobsmacked" as well! In the States we usually would say "shocked" or "stunned" - it just doesn't have the same ring to it!
These shadow puppets are adorable, by the way... just like the rest of your blog!

Mlle Paradis said...

it's that poppins woman again!

took me a minute to figure that one out!

Amy R. said...

These look really neat, I will check it out:)

Prutha said...

these r sooo brilliant!! reminds me of the works of artist KARA WALKER... except kara's works r super emotional and political

follow if u like what u see?

happy day!!

Alex Snowdon said...

Love, love, loving those fab graphic shapes!

Rachel Elizabeth said...


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