Ticking Off The List

OK, so one of my new year's plans (hate to use the word resolution because, well it is so finite - as if nothing can put it off it's course - and we all know better than that don't we) was to get a couple of projects done out in the workshop.

Well, now I can tick one of them off! These little tables have travelled with me through two different homes, waiting patiently for a bit of paint. Wasn't much to ask really, but well, never happened. That was until the lovely Trina at A Country Farmhouse started blazing a painting trail at her gorgeous home. One time she mentioned that she was lacking motivation to paint and so (because I have a lovely nature) I taunted her to get it done.

Problem is I foolishly said to myself 'if Trina paints I will too'. I say foolishly because what did she go and do?!! She painted, and she painted good!

Thankfully I didn't put a scale proviso on my 'I'll paint too' - so the tables it was. They turned out a treat, despite that strange green tinge my camera seems to have captured. The wall and carpet are actually greige in real life!

Thanks Trina, wouldn't have done it without you.

Images by The Diversion Project


Tina said...

Jules, they look fantastic!!! Great job on the painting and I love how you have styled them, how beautiful is that shell!! Hope you have a wonderful weekend enjoying your gorgeous tables:) ~ Tina x

A-M said...

Perfection Jules, absolute perfection.... superlative, superlative! A-M xx

Anna said...

Jules...youve done a fantastic job..them them..and love your little arrangement too...just gorgeous x

A Country Farmhouse said...

Jules they're absolutely gorgeous! Well done!!! And you inspired ME to go out there and paint that day! I was hemming and hawing (mostly in front of the computer), when I read your comment, "Trina, go paint!" It was so funny and so warming to the heart. It's amazing the friends we make from afar...my sweet Australian friend. xoTrina

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