Resolute Resolutions

First of all, where oh where did this year go????! I guess I have covered a lot of ground this year career wise, the boys and I have had a great trip, lots of travels around the country side also and fun and games in between....but, it only seems like yesterday that a friend and I were in the pool last NYE fully dressed in our party frocks trying to pull out all our best synchronised swimming moves.

This NYE won't be quite as silly, in fact still not entirely sure what the boys and I will be doing - friends are in all parts of the state tonight. However I did note that Back to the Future is on TV tonight and that's hard to resist for anyone who knows Huey Lewis & The News lyrics by heart!

So all of this Year's End thought has led me to consider what I really want to get done next year. There's more travel, more work, more amazement of kids changing and growing, more friends to connect with, more calm would be good...and in the midst of these thoughts I went out to our workshop to remind my 12 year old that "the day starts with breakfast" and saw these unloved treasures sitting about.

There a many of these sorts of projects waiting for my attention out in the workshop, so this year I resolve to tackle at least one of them! Time isn't on my side these days, like it was when I lived in the country, but surely at least one project is do-able. Even if it's only the lovely little set of nesting side tables with very fine legs that just needs a few coats of paint.

If anyone's out there reading this, I'd love you to keep me honest and drop a line sometime to check on progress!

Images by The Diversion Project

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