Weekend Wishes

Hope everyone around the globe gets to spend a bit of time this weekend doing comforting things.

Like a slow morning with an extra coffee, that you don't usually have time for. A late afternoon Nanna Nap with a lovely squidgy throw. Or perhaps one of my faves, a looong leisurely lunch. Whatever it is that fuels your tank, hope you get your fill of it this weekend.

Many heartfelt thanks to everyone who has been stopping by and leaving such gorgeous messages - they really fuel my tank! Julesx

Images by Kate Mathis from here.


Anna said...

All those things are my favs too...have a great weekend darling x

Tina said...

Thanks Jules ~ All those things fuel my tank too:) Your pics are just gorgeous as always, and that pasta has inspired our dinner choice for tonight!! I am off to have a coffee ;) Wishing you a wonderful weekend my dear ~ Tina x

Rachel Elizabeth said...

This sounds like a perfect weekend.

A-M said...

Oh your images today are divine... somewhere cosy in the country with hearty food. Well I have spent the whole morning cleaning the palace and now I'm about to settle down to some comforting trigonometry... and a camomile tea... how's that for luxurious! A-M xx

Dustjacket Attic said...

Oh yeah, cannot have too many long leisurely lunches in my book!


captain kk said...

already had my slow breakfast & nanna nap for the day!

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