Being a single parent with a career that takes up what feels like my whole day every Monday to Friday, I find myself on weekends just aching for comfort and relaxation.

I can appreciate nearly all decorating and design styles, as long as they're visually beautiful, but the homes that I'm really captured by are ones like these above. Where the stylist and photographer have managed to capture the personal warmth and comfort of a home, but still make it look gorgeous.

I can imagine any of these homes in daily life and enjoying them with children and friends. They're not precious, they are real. And real comfort is just where I'm at.

Images from here.


vosges paris said...

I know what you mean.. and I think these are just normal cozy houses with children making it messy and lively ;)

A-M said...

Well your little diversion project is a great diversion from my study. I agree, they are real and beautiful! A-M xx

Tina said...

Oh I totally agree Jules! These homes are so gorgeous but also so real and I could definitely imagine living in them! Definitely preferrable to 'show homes' that is for sure. Gorgeous pics! Hope you are having a wonderful weekend ~ Tina x

Mlle Paradis said...

comfort is key! to me it's pointless if you come home after a long day and have no choice but to pass out on the bed because EVERYWHERE ELSE IS UNCOMFORTABLE!

the ultimate luxury is comfort.

Rachel Elizabeth said...

I love the lived in. Nothing more beautiful than a loved home.

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