Very in love right now with this little corner in my son's bedroom. This is the outcome of the repetitive request - "can you please sort out that room of yours".

Had to show you.

That rubber band ball started out as o.n.e. rubber band, and now its the size of a small basketball! Determined little man. They are actually cool fun and a brilliant distraction. The last time I had a house full of people over, most of whom were bringing kids, I went up to the newsagents and laid down $20 for as many bags of rubber bands I could get, in all shapes and sizes.

I swear, it was the best night - not one squabble, needy child, or broken vase. They sat outside all night making these things and comparing techniques and aesthetics. Really cool.


Dustjacket Attic said...

Oh up there for thinking, who'd have thought.

Tina said...

What a brilliant idea!! I would never have thought of such a thing! love your son's lovely neatly stacked corner - Tina x

Lisa said...

That is such a great idea Jules, I will be trying that one out on my bunch. Love the colour co-ordinated book stacking...and the gnome is cute too! Re: the 'missing mojo' maybe we both need a holiday to get over the christmas break, what do you think?

jules @ The Diversion Project said...

They are really fun, and smaller ones bounce like mad! This one is getting a bit on the heavy side now, won't let him bounce it inside - worried it will crack a tile! :{

I had kind of hoped that he would put books away in the bookcase rather than stack them on top of a set of drawers - but you know, i didn't put specifics on it, i just asked for 'sorted', and that's what i got!

Lisa, any time my compadre - i so need another holiday, and i think we could find a fair bit of fabulous trouble to get into :)


karey m. said...

i adore nights like this...

lucky lucky.

Rachel Elizabeth said...

I used to baby sit the same kids every week for years and the little boy was a total handful. Then one time I showed him how to do Jacob's ladder with a piece of string and he sat for hours trying to replicate it. Who knew?

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