Alice In Waterland

Absolutely beautiful images from Elena Kalis, who specializes in under water photography. And so she might, she lives in the Bahamas these days. Alice in these images is Elena's 10yr old daughter.

Looks like a v. cool backyard pool to hang out at.

Images from here.


Tina said...

These are GORGEOUS images Jules, WOW!! Must be handy for Elena to have such a willing and accessible model for her photography:) Just stunning! Thanks for sharing - Tina x

Anna said...

Jules these are just so gorgeous..enchanting and mystical..how very clever Elena is!! Great post x

Rachel Elizabeth said...

These are so strange and beautiful at the same time.

Kellie Collis said...

These are fabulous!! x

Brabourne Farm said...

Incredible and beautiful! Leigh

Jenn said...

Last summer I fell in love with one of her photos featuring a freckled little boy biting into a watermelon under water, but these are just TOO great!

The picture with the pink flamingo. I die!

vosges paris said...

Hey Jules ;)
Thanks so much for your very sweet words considering the post about my sister

x desiree

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