Too Cool For School

Check out this awesome bag! I've just bought a few of these to give to my girlfriends' for birthdays this year. It suits everyone of them perfectly! (Worrying trend though is that they all have one link in common! Moving along...)

I am really smitten with the too cool for school designs at my newest Etsy fave, Snowdon. There are lovely designs for everyone - I mean, if "Nutter" would not be say your mother-in-law's cup of tea (regardless of how appropriate it may be) what about this little piece of loveliness...

And btw, for that special (male) someone in your life..."Nutter" is available on a white t'shirt too. he he he

Head over to Snowdon for a chat with the lovely Alex!

All images from Snowdon


Karena said...

These are great designs! Thank you so much for sharing. I use totes for everything, art supplies, snacks for work, etc.

compulsively compiled said...

oh, i need a new school bag. really!

Brabourne Farm said...

These are gorgeous - so much nicer than the dreaded green Woolies bag! I think I'll have to have one. Leigh

Elie's Papel said...

these are very cute!!!

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