When I was in Paris last August I caught up with some very dear friends from Oz who were also travelling in France at the same time. They kept banging on and on about how fabulous Montpellier was, and regailed the tale of jumping off a cliff whilst paragliding.

I couldn't imagine Montpellier having anything to rival the lovely Paris apartment I was staying in - that was until I saw this place! They can keep the paragliding; but if I could stay here, well, I'd concede that Montpellier is a bit of alright actually.

Images from here.


The Paris Apartment said...

Wow! I've always wanted to go there and now definitely will put it on the To Do list!

Brabourne Farm said...

This looks like Appley Hoare's place! She has the most incredible style - just visiting her shop in London (and when she was in Sydney) is like being in heaven. Beautiful post - thank you. Leigh

jules @ The Diversion Project said...

Oh really Leigh?! I haven't seen anything of Appley Hoare for years. I do remember her sydney(?) place so very well - admiring every ssquare inch of it and thinking 'this lady has style!"

Thanks both for stopping by! I really love when people take the time to leave a comment :)


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