The Scent of Summer

Two of my favourite scents will be coming down to the beach house with us. Both interestingly are dressed in black.

Firstly my favourite perfume at the moment, Bvlgari Jasmin Noir. There is something really right about Jasmine in summer, I just love it.

Secondly my favourite candle and soap, Glasshouse Manhattan. I've previously been a bit sceptical about scented candles. Candles - great, masses of big chunky pillar candles on a carved wooden tray - even better, but scented candles? Well I used to think they were kind of naff. That was until I found this little baby. The scent is gorgeous, I loved it so much I bought the soap as well. It is a mix of gardenia, white carnations, orchid and blood orange. Luckily I can buy them just a few doors down from my office on my lunch time excursion to get some sushi. I've had several now, they're so good. They're available in many homewares stores around Oz and several online stores too. If you get a chance to try it, I seriously suggest you do!

Images here and here.

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