Beach Destination

Happy 2010 to all, hope the memories of last night are lovely and the headaches are mild.

No headaches in this household, but some lovely memories of a summer midnight spent outside and boys with sparklers.

Today I'm pottering about trying to get ready to head down south next week. We're heading to a lovely little shack I know right on the beach. Nothing too fancy, but the location just can not be beaten. The shack is a lovely old reminder of summer holidays as a child; it's very simple, lots of wood and windows, wire strung up in the back yard for wet towels and the smell and sounds of the ocean right outside the window. Can't wait!

Before we leave we have one child's 9th birthday, a flat bike tyre, a Christmas tree to pack away and a border collie to take to the boarding kennel to address.
I have set up some posts on schedule for while we're away, so stayed tuned!


flwrjane said...

Happy New Year! What a lovely blog you have here, hope you do have time to keep it going, cause i'll be following along!

jules @ The Diversion Project said...

Thanks Jane, and Happy New Year and all good things to you too!

Thanks for stopping by and leaving a message - stay tuned for more.


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