Morning Grey

Well we're back from a lovely time Down South. So sad that we won't wake up to this soft grey view out the window in the early hours of morning, followed by lazing about reading books, going exploring around the countryside, and walking to the edge of the garden to float out into the sparkling turquoise water as the sun heats up.
I'm a bit loved up with nature at the moment and will share a few more images over the coming days.
All the best to those facing a return to work tomorrow like me!!


vosges paris said...

nothng better then being happy with what you see out of your window ;) As you saw we are enjoying the snow right now!

Yo answer your question , yes it is the same Zara compeny. But stores of the Home collection are very rare. Good thing they have free delivery from their webshop ;)
Have a nice week!
PS I will link you on my blog as I have not done that yet...

jules @ The Diversion Project said...

Great, look forward to having a long look through the Zara web shop!!

Thanks Desiree, hope you're week is sensational too : )


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