Leah Giberson

I've been a fan of the incredibly talented Leah Giberson for quite some time now. Leah's chair series and abandoned pool series were my introduction to her work. I own a few pieces of the pool series and just adore them - the image in the middle, 'Three Ways Out', is one of the prints I have.

Going back through my list of favourite Etsy stores the other week I noticed a whole new series of Leah's work that just grabbed me. These new caravan pieces are incredible. Because caravan travel is part of the Aussie culture there is something totally recognisable in this subject.

Go and take a look through Leah's collection of work, there are so many gorgeous prints to fall for. Also, Leah has been nominated on Poppytalk's Affordable Art awards, once you've seen her amazing work I'm sure you'll want to use this link to go vote!

All images by Leah Giberson.


Brabourne Farm said...

I'm not a big fan of the caravan but these paintings are fabulous - I'm off to look at more of her work. Leigh

Dustjacket Attic said...

Oh thanks for the link, cool work. You're right, it's so part of our culture.

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