Vestibule Of Cool


Everyone is well aware of my unswerving love for concrete right? If not, or you're new here, take it for a given, you're going to see a lot of concrete.
Needless to say this place stopped me in my tracks. What a perfect lovely grey vestibule of cool these walls make. I particularly love the cut out of the white plastered wall in the dining space. Its almost as if they couldn't bare to completely suffocate the gorgeous grey stuff.
On another concrete front, I had a little win in the bathroom reno planning stage this weekend. While having breakfast with a friend in a very fab café I found the most perfectly concrete plastered walls, AND got the number of the tradie that pulled off such a fab finish.
What a relief, I was dreading trying to find someone who would a) agree to do it without giving me a sideways look and b) would be good at it. Oh I do like the unbridled pre-reno enthusiasm stage. May it long last.
Images from inside out via homelife

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