Cool On Every Surface

There's a lot to envy here isn't there. From the dark timbers to the monochromatic cool on every surface, there isn't a single thing in this home that I wouldn't happily tuck under my wing.
The best bits for me are the industrial light over the table, the awesome storage arrangement in the kitchen, the shade-less lamp in the dining area with the amber bulb {where oh where do you get those from??!!} and of course the fabulous long and narrow fauxdenza. Have been a long time fan of those, and yet too big a chicken shit to try one yet.
Images from elle interior


Raina Cox said...

"Fauxdenza" - love it!

Elements said...

Just wanted to pop by and say Hi, its been a while since I have commented but havE been keeping up to date with your amazing images, as per usual. Take care. xx

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