Lovely All Round

Usually when trawling for interior porn {hopefully the spam-o-dometer doesn't go through the roof due to that word}, children's spaces aren't on my main radar. But this home got me in with the children's rooms. Especially that lovely little hidey hole in the cupboard. What a dream space that would be for a young one. I like the way the children's spaces aren't totally juvenile, or, trying to be too cool for school.

Apart from that, the lovely balcony space is gorgeous for an inner city home. I imagine the parent/s in this home enjoy a fair bit of time out there while the young are otherwise entertained in loft cupboards and what-not.

And that kitchen is fabulous also. I want a dear friend to own this place so I can bunker down at that table with a bottle of wine for a good long while.

This home is lovely all round.

Images from esny

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