Tired And Satisfied

Hi everyone, didn't expect I'd be posting from Bali, but we had to send our driver home this morning because my youngest is having stomach cramps. We were heading off to many a temple and lake, so I initially thought it was a fake out. But he eventually fessed up to drinking water in his shower last night! As you do {read sarcasm} in Bali!

He's not too bad, thanks to packing a pharmacy in my bag {including colloidal silver!}, but a day of lazing about and watching the 50 dvd's we bought yesterday was in order. So here I am.

Apologies for the crappy images, but I am amazed I even have images loaded on the page. As a life long PC user, to be on a child's mac takes a bit of navigating. So the photos roll as they are. No touch ups.

The first day involved the usual new country joy of supermarket exploration and dinner on the beach. Yesterday was a great day of shopping, sashimi-ing at Ku de Ta, running through the afternoon storm, bit more shopping and getting driven home tired and satisfied. 

We'll get to the temples and the lakes sometime soon, and of course the rice fields. There'll be a day at Waterbom for someones birthday followed by an Indo meal cooked at home for us by the staff here {{along with cake and fireworks in the garden}}. Then maybe Uluwatu and whatever else takes our fancy. We're ending our stay in a gorgeous place in a little village outside Ubud. The green is just amazing.

Hope everyone has a great NYE tonight. As most nights are filled with fire crackers, I'm expecting a lot more of the same.


dustjacket said...

Happy New Year Jules ... cheers!

The Moerks said...

Hope he feels better soon Jules and Happy New Year to you and yours. Deb

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