Severe Case

This place made me look twice this week, and that's saying something because it's been quite a week. I have a severe case of signage envy with this home. Not to mention the lovely art, fab furniture and treasures.
Apologies for the lack of Diversions last week, but there wasn't a lot of time. Between being crazy busy at work and then spending most evenings at the shops to try and atone for not considering Xmas at all in October or November as the smart people do!
But now I'm on leave, have nearly most everything ready for Xmas and ready to unwind. Only one more thing left to do, start getting ready for a trip to Bali. We head off just after Xmas for what I hope will be a lovely slice of relaxation!
Hope the Xmas holiday mayhem is being kind to you.
Images from design*sponge

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