Little Gems


Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend. Thought I'd share a couple of corners of the Splendour this weekend. From looking at the snaps I took around the place it seems that the boys' interests at the moment are feathers and cricket, and you can tell I'm a bit preoccupied with the roses that are blooming away in the garden.
I think that's one of the nicest things about moving into an old house - the little gems that are left behind in the garden.
Images by The Diversion Project


anna Sonata said...

Very nice, thanks for sharing.
Anna @ sewa mobil jakarta

Kerry said...

I'm loving everything and especially those cricket balls!

brismod said...

Tin Tin rules! xx

La Feem said...

LOVE that first picture of the skull in that gorgeous frame, I want it! You're good! xo

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