Good Client

Bathrooms are really catching my eye at the moment. I'm stashing away all sorts of inspiration images for our bathroom reno next year. My 15yr old is going to renovate his bathroom (with hired help for the serious bits like water proofing) for a school project.
And me? I'm going to be trying oh so hard to not let my work brain kick in every two seconds, and be a good client in the back ground and let him get on with it. Well, that's the plan anyway!
I love the bathroom in this home, the white hand cut tiles and the marble top vanity would be very welcome additions.
Images from stadshem


Glamour Drops said...

Oh good luck keeping your mouth shut!! That is true motherhood dedication. What trust you are placing in him - he must have inherited your design eye methinks.

Sarah Woods said...

Hi Jules,

I 've re-discovered your blog (I've been missing out) through fun and VJ's. If you need any help on your bathroom reno, any design or technical questions, maybe more on the technical side as it's clear you have good taste. My husband is a builder so I can pick his brains on your behalf hehe. Don't hesitate to ask, I live for this kinda stuff! You can email me or via my Q&A's page on 'the building planners' website.

Amazing to have your Son to give it a go, very impressed.

Sarah @squeezeddaily and @buildingplanner

Pinecone Camp said...

I love that your son is going to reno his bathroom. You must be a fantastic, patient and trusting mom ;) I love this house. That sectional is perfectly perfect. Hope all is well Jules!

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