Sofa Splendour


I had an email the other day from a reader asking 'what's been happening at the Splendour?' Well, the long and short of it is....not that much at all! Money seems to be flying out the window at the moment towards inane but necessary things - new washing machine, new dishwasher, tyres that singularly cost more than my whole first car, pool pumps - you know the drill.
And weekends have been spent doing rather non-glamorous things like filling hole's in the ground where soak well lids collapsed, back filling retaining walls, and pulling out miles of asparagus fern. So again, nothing really picture worthy.
But the fabulous verge pick up did spur on one nice purchase lately, a huge new sofa. The old one had gotten to the point of no return and I wasn't going to pass the opportunity to drag the thing out to the verge. So, new sofa insitu, and cushions purchased ages ago with no real use in mind now have a new home. And when I'm not elbow deep in dust, grime and asparagus fern, I have a lovely relaxing spot to pass the occasional Sunday afternoon.
Images by The Diversion Project


La Feem said...

Love the couch! Your place looks so lovely. xo

dustjacket said...

Ooo nice place to put the feet up ;) Have a good weekend xox


I absolutely love it! J & I are searching for one just like it, in fact. :)

Hope you're having a good weekend, sweets! xoxo

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