Either Will Do

Well, it's a long weekend, the sun is shining, the pool is sparkling and my mind naturally is wandering to caftans (and cocktails!). Absolutely gorgeous day here today.
It's going to hit 34C (93F) after being stormy, windy and 18C (64F) a few days ago. Crazy weather change, but I am not complaining. I've been scooping leaves, cleaning filters, mowing lawns, unblocking retic and generally pottering around the place getting very psyched for summer. Looking forward to weekends spent living in bathers and a caftan.
Hope your weekend was warm wherever you are, either naturally or by a crackling fire. Either will do wont they.
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Edwina said...

I think I need to get into Kaftans. They look so damn comfortable. Glad you're having a productive day, we're feeling quite the opposite here today.

dustjacket said...

Caftans here I come...cover a multitude of sins too :o

Sarah B said...

I can't say I have ever owned a caftan, but really, they are a fab thing, aren't they. No need to watch how much cheese I eat!!

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