Food For Thought

This place is food for thought. The windows and doors are the same as I have here at the 60's Splendour. My intention was to paint the outside frames charcoal and the brick work white, but the inside I was going to leave natural timber finish and the walls are {{or I should say, will be!}} white.
Now this place has gone and thrown up the ''do I paint the timber window and door frames'' question again. I play this one over and over. I love the look of the white, but then I also love the timber frames as they are. They need a good sanding and some oil, but they're in pretty good shape.
If painting them white wasn't as confronting as getting a tattoo on my face {a.k.a. - you have to be fully committed to the idea, because once they're painted with gloss paint, there will be no going back}, I'd be less concerned about the whole thing.
Which way would you go?
Images from apartment therapy

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Sarah B said...

Oh gosh, I don't know. I caused an uproar on my blog for suggesting painting a wardrobe white (it hasn't happened).
The house above is very nice, but I'm going to be totally useless to you and not give an answer :)

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