Sunday Night Special

How has the weekend treated you - hope it's been grand. Football in the rain and an afternoon snooze = a pretty fine Sunday in my book.

I've always loved a good loft, and this one is a treat. I like how the owner isn't going for the whole big open homogenised space look. Still personal, still colourful.

Images from elle


My Fashion break said...

Beautiful pics!

dustjacket said...

Ruffle shower curtain...way to go! Weekend was great, weather perfect, yay!

Pinecone Camp said...

My husband would be so jealous - "football in the rain" are his favourite words ;)
I love this home. Looks so natural and not fussed with. the rattan chair and the shipping flat (what do you call that?) with pillows are my fave bits.

Anonymous said...

Pretty and inspiring pictures. This should be what we call the real renovation.

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