Harder Than

Do you know what's harder than sitting exams for the first time in your life? Being the parent of someone who is sitting exams for the first time in the their life, and trying oh so hard not to bombard them with helpful tips on making study notes or organising study notes. That is a killer!

That's where my head is at this weekend. I'm trying to busy myself by making cups of tea and dishing up tasty delights to try and keep said first timer in the seat and eyes on the books.

Hope your weekend is treating you kindly, and that you're finding time to unwind. Thanks for popping in during the week, as always I'm thrilled that you do!

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Sarah B said...

Oh yes, that would be a tad stressful! I'm sure all the snacks are helping a lot.
Good luck for the exams!

A-M said...

Oh I have only had a teeny tiny taste of it with Year 9 this year.. so I can only imagine what it's going to be like in a couple of years. Mine didn't lift his head out of the books for the whole term...I can't remember even working that hard myself at Uni! I would have killed to have had a Mum like you making drinks and nurturing during my exams... good on you! A-M xx

dustjacket said...

Oh good luck Jules...tasty snacks sound nice ;)

jules @ The Diversion Project said...

yep, this is my year 9-er too A-M, they're just starting exams this week.

i'm trying to act all 'dont stress, you'll be fine'...but i'm the one who's more nervous!!

Jules said...

Oh dear and it only gets worse from here!!!! The good thing is that eventually you come out the other end and only have uni exams to look forward to!!!!!

Rachel Elizabeth said...

That's rough and I am never good at keeping my mouth shut. My daughter is only almost two now but I'm already thinking about ways to stay out of the way when she is studying for tests and the like.

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